Return of a Classic

The Blind Colt celebrates its 80th anniversary with a new edition

You can’t hurry a Glen Rounds book. You are asked to find a rock and sit for a spell. Listen to the tumbleweed rattle by. Smell the sagebrush. Let the wind chill your hide. If you’re patient, the critters will let you see them, going about the business of living. These are wild animals, so they won’t come when you call. They would not do well in a petting zoo, or in most children’s books. They don’t talk or wear cute outfits. Sometimes they are playful, but never sweet. The Blind Colt is not only hunted by wolves, but gets bitten and kicked in the ribs by other horses. Yet because Rounds shows us the harsher side of life, we are all the more tickled to watch the young colt buck and run for the “pure fun” of it. In the books of Glen Rounds, wild danger always comes with wild fun.

From “Glen Rounds: An Appreciation,” copyright © 2021 by Matt Myers. Reproduced by permission from Holiday House Publishing, Inc.

Glen Rounds Illustrations courtesy Holiday House publishing inc.

Illustration by Matt Myers

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