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Reaching Your Customers

PineStraw is not just another pretty lifestyle magazine, but rather an award-winning magazine of uncommon literary and artistic vision that reaches the most discerning and responsive consumers. Our captivating content draws a desirable demographic of affluent, educated, art-minded readers who could be your next customers.

PineStraw Magazine is deeply rooted in the Sandhills community and proudly presents a monthly publication that is both representative and deserving of this unique town. While we aim to please the local readers, our timeless content excites and entertains visiting tourists as well and can be found in most local hotels.
We’ve found that our loyal readers of PineStraw Magazine view the magazine as a monthly gift, an enriching experience that is provided compliments of our outstanding advertisers. In return these readers show their appreciation by enthusiastically patronizing the folks who make the magazine possible. We hope you’ll be a part of this amazing partnership.
  • High-quality magazine featuring thoughtful, well-written stories and beautiful, cutting edge design.
  • Timeless content extends the shelf life, which gives added value through exposure, generates extra business.
  • Published monthly, ensuring your ads stay fresh and current to your needs.
  • 15,000 copies printed and distributed each month.
  • Distributed by mailed subscriptions, placement in hotel rooms and free rack distribution throughout Moore County.
  • Design services included in price — ensuring a strong, eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing ad.
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