Celebrating Mom

And a long, healthy life

By Karen Frye

Having a special day each May to honor our mothers is wonderful. The older I get the more I realize how precious my mother is to me. I want her to be around for a long time. I make sure that she and my dad take supplements to slow down the aging process and keep them as active and healthy as possible.

My parents are well into their 80s. They still live in the home they bought 65 years ago. They are self-sufficient and keep busy. I am impressed with the way they have aged. My parents have been taking nutritional supplements for about 50 years.

Here are a few supplements that I have found helpful for women of all ages to stay healthy and beautiful. They are important for the men in our lives, too!

A good probiotic. The gut is referred to as the second brain. Aging, as well as poor dietary habits, will take a toll on the digestive track. A probiotic can keep your immune system strong, the brain and heart healthy, and improve some digestive issues.

Digestive enzymes. Some digestive problems stem from a lack of enzymes that begin the digestion process and break down food. Common complaints are bloating, heartburn and acid reflux. Often taking a digestive enzyme before meals can ease these symptoms.

Collagen. I recently heard two medical doctors talk about the benefits of consuming collagen, recommending it for everyone. It is one of the most effective foods for healthy skin, hair, nails, joints and gut health. It’s easy to add powdered collagen to foods and beverages, or you can make your own bone broth and get a good dose of collagen that way.

Bone strength. Women suffer from bone loss as they age. To keep bones strong, a calcium supplement is necessary, and calcium from algae is the most absorbable form. Most calcium comes from limestone, and it is hard to break down and be absorbed. Vitamin K2 and strontium assist in getting the calcium to the bones and keeping it there.

Omega 3 and 7. Omega 3 from fish oil or flaxseed will give the brain good fat, as well as zapping inflammation in the body. Omega 7 from the berries of the sea buckthorn bush will keep the hair healthy, the skin and soft tissue moist and supple, and nourish the eyes, too.

These are a few suggestions to keep Mom healthy, beautiful and feeling good. What better gift for your mother than a gift of good health?  PS

Karen Frye is the owner and founder of Nature’s Own and teaches yoga at the Bikram Yoga Studio.


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