Sandhills Photograph Club

Sandhills Photograph Club

Sandhills Photography Club

Black & White Competition

The Sandhills Photography Club meets the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in the theater of the Hannah Marie Bradshaw Activities Center of The O’Neal School at 330 Airport Road in Pinehurst. Visit

Tier 1, 1st Place: Sunrise Walk – Frank Lipski


Tier 1, 2nd Place: Passsing Through – Julie Hansen


Tier 2, 1st Place: Wild West – Marti Derleth


Tier 2, 2nd Place: The Tetons – Marti Derleth


Tier 2, 3rd Place: Happy New Year – Darryll Benecke


Tier 2, 1st Honorable Mention: Light at the End of the Tunnel – Cathy Locklear


Tier 2, 2nd Honorable Mention: Chillaxing – Kathryn Saunders



Tier 3, 1st Place: Nature’s Mirror – Dale Jennings


Tier 3, 2nd Place: Smoky Mountain Bugling Elk – Dale Jennings


Tier 3, 3rd Place: St. Regis Chicago – Gisela Danielson


Tier 3, 1st Honorable Mention: Yellowstone Grand Prismatic Spring – Tobe Saskor


Tier 3, 2nd Honorable Mention: Deep Thought – Diane McCall