Boost Your Immunity

The list of supplements is long

By Karen Frye

It seems the virus of 2020 is not done with us yet. While a vaccine will likely be the most effective solution to slow the spread of COVID-19, what about the upcoming typical cold and flu season?

Some of the supplements known for building a strong immune system, like vitamins C and D, zinc and elderberry, were sought after by so many in the early months of the pandemic that they are now in short supply in some areas. However, there are a few other effective immune-boosting supplements to help you make it through this pandemic — and other cold or flu germs you may come in contact with. Your immune system is your best defense. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

Glutathione tops the list. A recent study in the Journal of Infectious Diseases links a deficiency of glutathione — resulting in an impaired immune response  — to serious manifestations in COVID-19 patients. Glutathione is a small protein composed of three amino acids: glutamate, cysteine and glycine. It is a powerful antioxidant, protecting your cells from damage, and maintaining a super-strong immune response. And the list is long on other benefits of glutathione, such as anti-aging and detoxifying abilities.

Another supplement is quercetin, a plant flavonoid found in green tea. It has long been used for seasonal allergies and works well with vitamin C as an immune boost along with some anti-viral effects.

Probiotics are crucial to keeping the gut and intestines healthy. Feed yourself good bacteria with fermented foods to get a daily dose of a good probiotic, so your immune system can thrive.

One more to keep in mind is olive leaf. The extract has many benefits when it comes to lung and respiratory health, and is great for the cold, flu and virus season.  PS

Karen Frye is the owner and founder of Nature’s Own and teaches yoga at the Bikram Yoga Studio.

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