It Works!

A simple plan for happiness

By Karen Frye

The original copyright of It Works: The Famous Little Red Book That Makes Your Dreams Come True! was 1926. The author of the book did not want his name mentioned, only his initials, RHJ, believing that the greatest good comes from helping others without expecting praise. Even before the book had a title, he sent it to a friend for his appraisal. The friend returned it with a simple reply, “It works.” The title was born.

RHJ believed he’d found an answer to the question “Why are some people so lucky and others are not?” He was successful using his plan and shared the simple instructions for his technique with friends who also enjoyed amazing results.

But this isn’t necessarily about financial success. Your desires may include being healthy, enjoying happier relationships, having success in school or career, basically anything. The important first step is knowing what you want.

You likely know people who, because of a mental roadblock, feel as though the things they desire will remain forever unattainable. But there is within us a “Great Power.” The power is ready and very capable of helping us achieve our desires, but you must be earnest about what you want. Half-hearted desire does not connect. You must be sincere and truthful about what you want — be it mental, physical or spiritual.

The Plan

Write down on a paper, in order of their importance, those things you really want. You can change the list daily, adding or removing things.

Three Positive Rules of Accomplishment

Read the list of what you want three times a day — morning, noon and night.

Think of what you want as often as possible.

Do not talk to anyone about your plan except the Great Power within you. The method of the accomplishment will unfold itself.

Write down whatever your desires may be, even the ones that seem impossible. Don’t analyze the power within you to accomplish these things. If you follow the plan and carry out the three simple rules, the method of accomplishment will reveal itself.

It is natural to be skeptical. When you have these doubts, get out your list and go over your heartfelt desires. Be specific about your dreams. As your plan unfolds, accept the accomplishment with gratitude, happiness and strengthened faith.  PS

Karen Frye is the owner and founder of Nature’s Own and teaches yoga at the Bikram Yoga Studio.

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