September PineStraw

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Poem September 2023

Lines to a Toad in a Rose Garden You’re all eyes, even on the back of your head and warty as a road. Brown as the ground beneath roses. Roses red as song, pink as a whistle, yellow as whiskey and [...]

Four Seasons of Harmony

Strolling through the Gardens at Sunny Mount By Claudia Watson   •   Photographs by Laura L. Gingerich     The experience of walking through the Gardens at Sunny Mount is like taking a tour of a [...]

A Touch of Glass

The embrace of new minimalism By Deborah Salomon Photographs by John Gessner      There it stands, beyond contemporary, a stark union of planes and angles. A symphony by Stravinsky. A guitar by [...]


Fiction by Valerie Nieman Illustration by Jenn Hales Andi hadn’t been startled awake for several nights, ever since the contractor fixed that foundation problem, but now she sat straight up in [...]

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