July PineStraw

Feature Stories

Romantic Fever

Fiction by Lee Smith   •   Illustrations by Matthew Shipley The house I grew up in was one of a row of houses strung along a narrow river bottom like a string of beads. We were not allowed to [...]

The First Funeral

Fiction by Clyde Edgerton Illustrations by David Stanley   1977, Hurt, Tennessee A great big lady goes under the funeral tent in her high heels and sings “How Great Thou Art.” She just belts [...]


By Ashley Walshe The month of August had turned into a griddle where the days just lay there and sizzled. — Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees   August is equal parts ecstasy and agony. [...]

Summer Reading Issue 2022

William Faulkner invented Yoknapatawpha County as a place for his imagination to live, and every Southern writer knew where it was, even if it wasn’t on any map. Ernest Hemingway loaded his [...]

Postcards from the sky

Soaring above Pinehurst in 1911 By Bill Case Photographs by Ellsworth Eddy from the Tufts Archives The Sandhills was abuzz with excitement after the Pinehurst Outlook reported on March 11, 1911, [...]

The Tiger Sisters

Fiction by Ashley Walshe Photograph by Julianne Ziebell Here’s something they don’t warn you about time travel: all the bubbles. Big deal, you might think. You’re surrounded by floating orbs of [...]

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