March PineStraw

Feature Stories

The Beat Goes On

From the Mountains to the Sea By David Menconi Type design by Keith Borshak     Map Illustration By Miranda Glyder   Springtime in North Carolina means college basketball madness, [...]

A Rude Awakening

Bravery, blunders, and bloodshed at Monroe’s Crossroads By Bill Case     Art by  Martin Pate and the Fort Bragg Cultural Resource Management Program Gen. Kilpatrick misdirects Confederate [...]

King Trees

The champions of Moore County By Tom Lillie   •   Photographs by John Gessner This and above Photograph: Turkey oak (Quercus laevis) Moore County has what it takes to produce champions. The [...]

Saving the White Rhino

Using technology to defeat poachers in Kruger National Park By Jim Moriarty Photographs courtesy of Tough Stump Technologies One of them is called Kokwane and the other is Nyeleti. They’re not [...]

Tiny Love Stories

Design by Keith Borshak The assignment was simple. Well, maybe not so simple. Write a love story in 100 words or less. As the old saying (often attributed to Mark Twain, because if we don’t know [...]

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