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Dr. John F. Ceraso, DMD

Dr. John Ceraso has been practicing general dentistry since 1990, with a concentration in cosmetic work, dental implants, and full mouth rehabilitation. He is an established and distinguished member of both the ADA (American Dental Association) and NCDS (North Carolina Dental Society). Dr. Ceraso regularly participates in advanced courses of study, mainly due to the fact that he is firm in the belief it is important to remain on the cutting edge of dentistry.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Dr. Ceraso graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. He then went on to achieve his DMD from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. In his final year at this renowned university, it was believed by many of his peers that he was the most likely to succeed in the field of dentistry.

And succeed he did, eventually settling in North Carolina and becoming one of North Carolina’s leading Implant and Cosmetic Dentists. Today, Dr. Ceraso is known for his exceptional artistry in creating beautiful, attractive, long-lasting smiles. As a result of his hard work, he is well aware of the fact that the personal image you project is of the utmost importance. Thus, each patient’s treatment is personalized and unique, with specialized treatment crafted for each client’s individual needs.

Dr. Ceraso’s mission is to touch every patient individually. “It may not even be through a dental procedure, but to listen and understand their individual and specific needs from the most straightforward procedure to the most complex making that person at that time in the moment be the most important person in the room,” stated Dr. Ceraso. Due to his advanced skills and experience, Dr. Ceraso’s cosmetic dental procedures are virtually “painless,” which is incredibly appealing to many patients.

In addition, Dr. Ceraso has been working with dental implants longer than many other dentists and was one of the first Implant Dentists in the Sandhills area, affording him a great deal of first-hand experience when it comes to implants. Dr. Ceraso was even personally invited to Germany by a renowned dental implant company to visit the factory, learn more about the product, and to meet the top implant dentist in the world. This was an invitation only event and quite the honor for Dr. Ceraso to be personally selected due to his skill.

Dr. Ceraso was instrumental in organizing and establishing the mobile free dental clinic sponsored by St. Joseph of the Pines. He had a key role in obtaining equipment and instruments  required to operate a mobile dental clinic for the underprivileged in Moore County. Often, Dr. Ceraso devotes a Saturday to care for less fortunate people who desperately require dental care. He finds his contributions to the community rewarding, and these patients are incredibly appreciative of Dr. Ceraso’s charitable work.

Dr. Ceraso married his high school sweetheart, Karla, in 1988. Today, they reside in Pinehurst, North Carolina, with their three children. When he is not in the office, he enjoys racquetball, fishing, playing golf, and spending time with his family. Dr. Ceraso intends to continue providing top-quality dental care to the residents of the Sandhills for many years to come, both in the clinic and on the road.

125 Murray Hill Road Suite A
Southern Pines, NC


Lin Hutaff, Realtor

Golfing in the Sandhills since 1978, Lin knows the Moore County Real Estate Market! She moved to NC with her husband, Phil, in 1978, when he was called home to help with the family business. At the time, Lin was on the Corporate staff at IBM and split her time between White Plains, NY, and Research Triangle Park, NC. While with IBM, Lin was part of the Finance Industry Marketing Division and later briefed Executives of IBM’s top 50 accounts. She credits her early experience in marketing at IBM for much of her success as a Real Estate Agent.

She served on the Boards of The O’Neal School, the former Moore Regional Hospital, the Lee County Commission on Youth and together with her husband, chaired the Hospital Ball in 1991. Lin currently serves on the Board of St. Joseph of the Pines, Partners in Progress and Rotary Club of the Sandhills.

Lin has a Masters Degree in Mathematics from St. Louis University, a Jesuit University.

Lin is consistently in the top 1% of MOORE County Realtors and top 3% of U.S. Realtors, selling more than $2 Million in Real Estate each month

Lin Hutaff’s Pinehurst Realty Group offers a KNOWLEDGABLE, COURTEOUS, and CONFIDENTIAL Real Estate Experience with the very best outcome possible! “With our experienced Group of Realtors, we can be available to our clients whenever they need us!” 

Call Lin if you are considering Selling or Buying a home in Moore County.

25 Chinquapin Road
Pinehurst, NC


Veronica LLOyd, Owner

Mother-Daughter duo, Pat Phillips and Veronica Lloyd, have always had a passion for fashion and a dream of together, owning their own boutique. They’d been loyal Monkee’s customers for many years before becoming a part of the beloved franchise this year.

Pat, with her hard-working entrepreneurial spirit, has had a great amount of success operating and expanding her family’s NC-based specialty chemical company. She’s business oriented, but fashion forward!

Veronica, who played basketball at the University of the South in Tennessee and rode for the University’s Equestrian Team, is a former elementary school educator with a Master’s Degree and an obsession for fashion!

When the Monkee’s franchise opportunity became available in Southern Pines, it was a no-brainer for this fashionable pair. They took ownership this past January and are continuing the Monkee’s tradition of excellent customer experience and high quality shoes, apparel and accessories.

Veronica, who has since become the face of the popular Broad Street store, is thrilled about her new career as a Monkee’s franchise owner and feels incredibly blessed to have her mom as both her business partner and mentor.

As new owners to the sixteen year old store, they’re constantly seeking new and interesting lines to carry that have admirable backstories and a special flair.

But both Pat and Veronica are particularly passionate about shoes! They aim to help each client find their own personal shoe style. Monkee’s franchises stress the importance of maintaining a comfortable and inviting “living room” for shopping. Fittingly, they’ve created an enjoyable, shoe-parlor atmosphere where shoppers can have a fun, fabulous experience whether they’re trying on shoes or clothes, and feel as if they’re in the comfort of their own home.

Pat and Veronica both possess an ardent enthusiasm for connecting and building relationships with the community and their customers. Their commitment is truly apparent every single day, especially through their huge social media presence, where they inspire their current and potential clients by styling and modeling Monkee’s shoes, clothing and accessories on a daily basis. Give Monkee’s a follow
@Monkeesofthepines to stay in the loop and to get in on the fun!

124 NW Broad Street
Southern Pines, NC


Diane Williams, Gastroenterologist
Ann Edgerton, Physician Assistant

Tired of counting calories, feeling hungry, and eating foods you don’t like, yet still seeing zero results? HEALcare Clinic of Pinehurst is changing the game in the Sandhills with their clinically tested, low-carbohydrate ketogenic program that uses “food as medicine” to put type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and obesity in remission without the use of medication or insulin. HEALcare’s goal is help you stop being a “patient” and enjoy a healthy, normal life. Those who participate find their lives are completely transformed.   

That’s because HEALcare is far more than just an ordinary diet plan. Developed by Dr. Eric Westman at Duke University, HEALcare participants receive personalized, expert-guided keto diet, nutrition and lifestyle support, plus medical supervision as needed until they can safely and effectively eliminate insulin and medication and improve health.

In addition to weight loss and type 2 diabetes remission, recent research shows that the ketogenic diet can combat high blood pressure, slow the effects of aging and lead to improvement in other medical conditions, such as joint pain, metabolic syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, fatty liver disease, and other ailments influenced by diet.

Diane M. Williams (left), MD MHS graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School. She then did her residency in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology Fellowship at Duke University, during which time she also received a Master’s in Health Science. She stumbled upon information about diets and disease and spent the last two years furthering her education on the matter. She felt the need to incorporate this learning into her practice, and with the help of her GI Partners, Dr. David Martin, Dr. Tom Swantkowski and Dr. Eric Frizzell, became host to the HEALcare Clinic of Pinehurst.

The HEALcare of Pinehurst team is led by Ann Edgerton, PA-C, a North Carolina native who found her calling in health services. Edgerton received her undergraduate degree and attended Physician Assistant School at Wake Forest, then made her way to the Sandhills region when her husband relocated to work at the local hospital. Edgerton particularly enjoys being on the front end of healthcare, where she can help others gain control of their health.

While the HEALcare Clinic is a separate entity from the Pinehurst Medical Clinic, they have been supportive in their efforts to bring this option to the Pinehurst community. HEALcare plans to continue bringing holistic care and wellness to the Sandhills, opting to replace medication with education, better dietary choices, and a healthy, happy lifestyle.

4204 Murdocksville Road
West End, NC


Brian Thwaites M.D.
James Winkley M.D.
Rob Thomas
Steve Collins PA-C

Back in the mid-’90s, the Sandhills was in need of an interventional pain management clinic. Brian Thwaites M.D., (far right) of Pinehurst Anesthesiologist Associates stepped up and collaborated with FirstHealth (then Moore Regional Hospital) to start FirstHealth Back and Neck Pain. They started small, borrowing what space they could find in the Ambulatory Surgery Center and pulling resources from other areas of the hospital, determined to build the operation they knew this community deserved.

Dr. Thwaites came to Moore County after an anesthesiology residency at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and serving as a staff anesthesiologist at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio Texas. He now works alongside seven physicians, three physician assistants, and one adult nurse practitioner. Years later, Dr. Thwaites and his team have grown into one of the most highly accredited pain centers in Central North Carolina.

Their goal is to stop chronic, debilitating pain or reduce it to the greatest extent possible. They view themselves as a diagnostic center first, working through thorough evaluation to find the root cause of pain problems.

Because back and neck pain can stem from a multitude of causes, it sometimes takes a combination of therapies to get pain under control. For this reason, the clinic serves as a central point for clients’ pain management plans by providing access to a complete range of pain relief options in an environment that is both comfortable and compassionate.

FirstHealth Back and Neck Pain treats a wide variety of nerve and mechanical pain issues, primarily related to the neck, thoracic spine, and lower lumbar spine, including herniated discs, spinal stenosis, lumbar and cervical radiculopathy, and sacroiliac joint problems. However, other pain issues that are chronic in nature, such as knee arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, cancer related pain, and postherpetic neuralgia, can be treated by the clinic physicians.

Depending on the source of the pain, treatments administered through Back and Neck Pain include steroid or pain medication injections, neurostimulation, radiofrequency interruption of nerve connections, selective nerve blocks and other treatments designed specifically to alleviate chronic pain. The newest and most cutting-edge treatment option offered at FirstHealth is Coolief, which uses radio frequency to relieve osteoarthritis knee pain in a safe and non-invasive treatment plan.

Partners in the practice, James Winkley M.D., (second from left) and Dr. Thwaites are both double board certified in anesthesia and pain management. Additionally, both doctors share ties to the Army, as their medical careers started while serving in uniform. Dr. Winkley is the proud father to 9 children with his wife, Jeannine, and is the Bishop at the Pinehurst Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

After serving in the Navy, Steve Collins (far left), PA-C worked in family medicine and emergency for 23 years in Richmond county. He has been with FirstHealth since 2014.

Rob Thomas (second from right), PA-C is a Pinehurst local who attended PA school at Methodist University. He has been a practicing physician assistant for the last decade focusing on acute and chronic pain syndromes. Like his colleagues, he is passionate about offering a multimodal approach to pain management.

35 Memorial Drive
Pinehurst, NC


Nicole  Johnson, Owner

Owning a permanent makeup business, a training academy, and most recently opening a studio in downtown Southern Pines, Nicole Johnson knows that life is too short not to pursue your passions. 

Originally from Ohio, Nicole gained work experience in her early career in both the medical field as a surgical assistant and also in esthetics when she worked in a busy, highly-rated medical spa. 

As the owner of Fanatical Skin & Ink, she now sits at the top of a very niche industry of medical tattooing, through which she discovered she could combine her two diverse interests together in a single career.

Microblading and micropigmentation tattoo work is designed to appear subtle and natural, filling in brow lines or shading in bare areas on the scalp with whisper thin strokes. 

But some uses for medical tattooing are not commonly known. Nicole uses micropigmentation on breast cancer survivors to reduce the appearance of scars and to mimic the look of lost areola tissue. She also works with combat veterans to camouflage scars, a service that can also be used on anyone with burns or other wounds they wish to disguise.

Through her services, her clients can see immediate improvement, both physically and mentally, which can be a life-changing moment. 

Nicole opened Fanatical Skin & Ink in downtown Southern Pines in February this year where she performs these medical tattooing services in addition to aesthetic skin care services including hair removal, body treatments, skin rejuvenation, professional peels, microblading, hydrafacials, permanent cosmetics, lash services, injections, skin resurfacing, laser, dermaplaning, microneedling and more.

But, inevitably, it’s her unbeatable eyebrow shaping that she has become best known for around town.

With so many service offerings, it’s no wonder Nicole’s bringing on a new medical service provider later this summer.

124 W Pennsylvania Avenue
Southern Pines, NC


Tristan Locklear, Owner
Trey Bowman, Barber

Tristan Locklear, owner and founder of The Old Pines Barber Shop, has been cutting hair for as long as he can remember. Tristan was tired of other barbers cutting his hair incorrectly in his hometown of Lumberton, North Carolina, which sparked his inspiration to open up a barber shop of his own.

It wasn’t long before Tristan earned trust amongst his high school peers and quickly gained the reputation as one of the best barbers in his small town. Cutting hair in high school was only the beginning for Tristan, however. It didn’t take long for him to work his way to the top and achieve his dream when he opened The Old Pines Barber Shop in September 2018.

Trey Bowman works alongside Tristan at the quaint, old-school barber shop, located in the heart of Southern Pines. Trey, a Southern Pines native, graduated from Sanford Barber College, which requires 1,528 extensive hours of training. He learned from the very best teacher and mentor, Mr. Cotten, who taught him everything he knows about barbering. His passion is to help men find their own, personal style and figure out what works best for them.

Old Pines Barber Shop, thanks to it’s downtown location, has a laid-back, approachable atmosphere where everyone can feel at home and at ease while visiting. They’re also kid friendly!

Tristan and Trey both enjoy riding fourwheelers in their spare time and Tristan loves for every minute outside of the shop to be spent with his five-year-old son, Rylan.

171 NE Broad Street
Southern Pines, NC


Nikki Bowman, Owner / Broker
Jessica Rowan, Broker

Nikki Bowman (left) has called Southern Pines home since she was only two years old. She has Moore County knowledge and a sense of pride in the community that only a true native can possess, and as a realtor she puts this expertise to work for her clients in every real estate deal that she facilitates.

Nikki has been actively working as a local real estate agent since 2005 and opened Realty World Properties of the Pines in 2011. Her buyer’s agent, Jessica Rowan, has been working alongside her since 2015.

Like Nikki, Jessica is a lifetime Southern Pines resident and the only thing she loves more than her hometown is helping others fall in love with it too! Together, with the community knowledge they possess, they’ve honed a unique skill set to help their clients understand and navigate the area’s diverse market to meet their individual needs as buyers or sellers.

Nikki specializes primarily in listing homes, fearlessly and professionally facing the challenges that come along with selling a home. With a track record to prove it, Nikki is usually the agent who can sell a house that others couldn’t.

Jessica, who prefers to work with homebuyers, provides the advice to newcomers to fully embrace moving to a new area, which she knows can be intimidating for families. So she helps homebuyers find more than just a new home in Moore County- she identifies where they should eat, shop and play by pointing out her favorites around their new neighborhood.

The duo also provides assistance in helping clients find rentals and manage their properties, rounding out their full service real estate agency.

Nikki has always found energy and inspiration from her three children who motivate her to work hard every day. When Jessica is not working, she can be found window shopping in downtown Southern Pines while petting every dog she sees along the way.

760-B NW Broad Street
Southern Pines, NC


Philip Holmes, Manager

Frank Crumpler knew from an early age that he wanted to pursue a future in funeral service. After graduating from the Cincinnati School of Embalming in 1956, Frank moved back to his hometown of Clinton, NC, where he began working with Jernigan Warren Funeral Home in Fayetteville. It was when he was working a funeral service in the Raeford Cemetery that he met his future wife, Dayne Capps. After their courtship and marriage, Frank and Dayne later founded Crumpler Funeral Home in Raeford.

Frank and Dayne had three children, Kemp, Kel, and Kalen, who all grew up to be licensed funeral directors themselves. Frank and Dayne purchased LaFayette Funeral Home in Fayetteville in 1992. Five years later the couple opened up their third funeral home in Red Springs. In 2006, Frank and Dayne purchased 10 acres of land at the corner of US 1 and Windy Hill Road in Aberdeen. They renovated the colonial house on the property and gave it new life as a modern funeral home to serve the families of Moore County. Now, almost 60 years after they opened their first funeral home, Frank and Dayne’s grandson, Philip Holmes, has become a third generation licensed funeral director, managing Crumpler Funeral Home of Aberdeen. 

Growing up, Philip did all kinds of manual labor around his family’s funeral homes. His grandfather, Frank, kept him busy hand-digging graves, washing vehicles, laying sod, and other tasks that needed to be completed around the funeral homes. Philip remembers Frank saying that he “never considered a day in funeral service ‘work,’” but as the one who always ended up covered in dirt and sweat, Philip couldn’t quite relate. It wasn’t until he served his apprenticeship and became a licensed funeral director that he began to understand what his grandfather meant. It is evident that Philip’s calling lies in serving the families of those who have lost someone they love, helping with genuine and sincere compassion, and guiding the families even after the services are completed.

The appreciation expressed by families who have been served is what he, as well as the entire Crumpler Family, strive for. 

The countless number of lasting friendships that have developed over the course of Philip’s tenure as a funeral director has been invaluable to him.

40229 US Hwy 1 south
Aberdeen, NC


Charlotte Williams, Owner

Charlotte Williams is the backbone and namesake of Charlotte’s Furnishings and Finds. With a degree in Interior Design and a minor in Business from Meredith College, Charlotte is driven to find the best deals to pass along to her customers and she gives her all to running her small business – that is really anything but small.

For starters, her downtown Aberdeen store has over 6000 sq ft. Charlotte uses every square inch of floor space to display a wide variety of furnishings, and home decor. She hunts for beautiful, tasteful additions from her market sources, then brings those market sample pieces to her shop and passes along the wholesale savings to her customers! Case goods, upholstery, accessories, rugs and wall art are just some of Charlotte’s special finds that you can pick up for yourself.

Her most loyal and savvy customers know to stop by often and to shop quickly. Unlike big box furniture stores or boutique home decor retailers, Charlotte’s pieces are straight off the market floor, and therefore every day brings brand new additions to her eclectic collection, and the pieces sell fast! Just because that amazing solid wood dining table is in her showroom today, doesn’t mean it will still be there tomorrow, or ever again for that matter.

With an impressive background in design, Charlotte is great at helping her customers find exactly what they need. No matter your personal style, Charlotte’s huge and ever-changing inventory is sure to have something for everyone.

Expansion has come quickly and in a big way for Charlotte. She has opened a second storefront just a couple dozen yards from her corner location on Poplar Street. As if you couldn’t find what you need behind door number one, walk on over to her Main Street extension to see more choices for your design projects.

There’s so much to discover on a trip to Charlotte’s, it should be no surprise that her unique store has been a Best of the Pines nominee and winner for two consecutive years! Safe to say that Charlotte is doing big things with her small company.

101 N Poplar Street
Aberdeen, NC