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Art at Heart

An invitation to Sandhills artists to get creative never goes unanswered. Here are a few special valentines from their imaginations.

A native of Dunkirk, New York, Jodi Ohl is a bestselling author and award-winning mixed media artist known for the distinctive texture and bold color combinations of her often whimsical or abstract compositions. She now resides in Aberdeen, N.C.

The sister team of Dominique Wilbur and Natalia Voitek curate elegant fine art stationary, bespoke calligraphy and art in their shop Thoughtfully Yours in Pinehurst, N.C., where the New Jersey natives now live.

Cara Mathis is a self-taught pen-and-ink line artist drawn to vintage illustrations and architectural sketch work. A resident of Pinehurst, N.C., she teaches plein air drawing through the Parks and Recreation department.

Before retiring to her home studio in Whispering Pines, Denise Baker taught art at Sandhills Community College for 25 years. She continues the labor-intensive art of printmaking, including creating valentines every year for her family and friends.

Captivated by the elegance of horses and the serene beauty of the natural world, Larissa Ann grew up in Pennsylvania and now lives in Vass with her husband and rescue dog. Last year she was the artist-in-residence at the Carolina International CCI & Horse Trial.

Julie Borshak is a native of Moore County. Her unique designs utilize vintage North Carolina-made furniture that is deconstructed and reimaged along with custom-designed stamping and hand stitching.